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In the spring of 1998 David Veronese, an English born architect working in Italy, receives a letter advising him of his great uncle’s death.  In order to settle his estate, he travels to Hong Kong.  He discovers his uncle’s extensive oriental art collection and begins to appreciate the significance of his inheritance.

Hidden in a piece of furniture is a letter from his uncle as well as some ancient Tibetan scripts.  The letter instructs him to return the scripts to a monastery in northwest China.  However, what initially seemed to be a straightforward mission quickly becomes dangerously complicated.

When David arrives in Dunhuang, he is recognised as a long awaited reincarnation and his life becomes no longer his to determine. Chased by the Chinese military, he is forced to embark on a perilous journey through Tibet and across the Himalaya with a very special consignment, a nun with whom he is to have a child.

His difficulties multiply when he tries to retrace his steps through China to get back to Hong Kong…

Michael Oldham

landscape architect, architect, artist, jeweller, writer and …..