Michael Oldham

landscape architect, architect, artist, jeweller, writer and …..

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In 1995, an archaeological excavation in the Crimea reveals some spectacular discoveries.  Dr Robert Buchanan and Dr Natalie Duvivier, a Scottish pathologist and and French forensic scientist, meet at a conference in the University of Kiev and subsequently work on some of the finds,  Together they examine the skeleton of a woman.  Her abnormal anatomy astonishes them.  DNA testing show that she belongs to no known human group.

Exceptionally high quality metal objects are discovered, considerably more advanced and the sophisticated from anything previously associated with the early Bronze Age.  After Robert and Natalie find the threof the artefacts interact to produce an astonishing range of phenomena, they are arrested and charged with spying and sabotage.

Confined in barracks outside the city they realise they have to escape, but how?  Even if they succeed, where can they go to escape the clutches of the psychotic Major Andreev and his two evil henchmen, Gregor and Yuri?