Michael Oldham

landscape architect, architect, artist, jeweller, writer and …..

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Sand in the Soul

The CIA is desperate to locate a terrorist training camp in the mountains of Afghanistan.  They have already lost one undercover team and need to get another in place quickly.  Walt Lewenski, Director of Special Ops, is keen to outsource part of the operation bringing in Marcus Tregay, ex SBS, ex British Intelligence, on board as a private consultant.  Initially, Marcus is reluctant, his dealings with Lewenski have been difficult in the past, but the 7th July London bombings convince him otherwise.

A small team is assembled in Afghanistan under the leadership of Marcus. They locate the training camp, but a subsequent air raid is only partially successful. Treachery in Kabul and Washington combine to betray Marcus.  They are arrested and thrown into the infamous CIA ‘Cage’ at Bagram Airforce Base.

Both Marcus and Lewenski are subsequently trapped in another complex web of corruption and deceit descending from the highest echelons of power.  Drugs, terrorism, human trafficking, and organised crime combine in a fast moving drama.