Michael Oldham

landscape architect, architect, artist, jeweller, writer and …..

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Sun and the Bees

A museum in Rome is broken into and a security guard is brutally murdered.  The crime appears to be senseless as nothing of value is stolen.  The owner of the museum asks Sophie and Marcus, co-directors of a security firm based in Geneva to assist in the investigation of the crime.

On returning to Bulgaria one of the criminals is murdered by deliberate exposure to VX nerve toxin.  The incident not only causes some panic in Sophia but also comes to the attention of the CIA in Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo.  Sophie and Marcus’s investigation leads them to Bosnia and an Islamic Fundamentalist terrorist cell located in Zenica.  The camp is under the surveillance of the CIA.  By chance, they meet Walt Lewenski and compare notes and soon it becomes evident that there is a plot being formulated to sabotage an EU Naval Exercise to be carried out in the Adriatic Sea...

... a complex web of deception and double deception unfolds.