Michael Oldham

landscape architect, architect, artist, jeweller, writer and …..


I started writing in 2006 and have now completed ten full length novels as well as a number of short stories.  The novels are available on Amazon as paperbacks and as Kindle e-books.

The first five books, the Sophie and Marcus Series, describe the adventures of an ex British military attaché, Marcus Tregay, and the owner of a Swiss security business, Sophie Lefévre.  Each of the novels is stand alone.  However, they are nevertheless sequential and start with Fire in the DarkThe background of the first novel turns around the Yugoslavian Civil War and the subsequent NATO intervention that tried, at times rather unsuccessfully, to keep the waring parties apart.  As with the other books in this series, the historical content is an important element of the story.  Each of these books concludes with an Author’s Note which describes the historical background.  The last book in this series is Tiger in the Desert.

The books which follow, are in the genre of action-thrillers. Zorastra which is enacted  in the Crimean Peninsular combines archaeology, forensic science and mythology, to create modern adventure in which fantasy permits some interesting philosophical reflections.  Incarnation mainly takes place in Hong Kong, China and Tibet.  The adventure is rooted in a history spreading over  one thousand years.

Vladimir’s Daughter, the first in the John Ranger series.  It is followed by Babushka’s Children in which a depressive, failed music teacher, is recruited by SIS to go to Russia to find something that has eluded both the British and Russian Secret Services. The third book in this series is Natasha.