Michael Oldham

landscape architect, architect, artist, jeweller, writer and …..

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After being expelled from Russia as ‘persona non grata’, John Ranger is persuaded by British Intelligence to return clandestinely to Russia one more time.  His mission is to rescue Natasha, a valued asset and former lover.  However, having almost completed the mission, the couple are redirected to Kalingrad to search for a facility manufacturing weapons from recycled armaments dumped in the Baltic Sea following World War I and World War II.

Their mission is complicated by the curious involvement of the CIA, an enigmatic FSB agent, and the Russian Mafia.  When they learn that their involvement is no more than a sideshow they realise that they need to urgently escape from Kalingrad.  But this is not the end of the adventure….

Natasha is the last book in the trilogy which commences with Vladimir’s Daughter and Babushka’s Children.