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Babushka’s Children

John Ranger returns from his mission in Russia disillusioned an depressed by his performance in the field and decides to quit British Intelligence.  However, he is unaware of the importance of the information he spirited out.  Code named Babushka, documents reveal an extraordinary level of corruption linking prominent politicians, high ranking FSB officers, and the Mafia.

Simon Sparrowhawk, his departmental head persuades him to stay in the service and to return to Russia.  This time he is to take Natasha with him, who he had helped to escape from the country.  He is suprised by her willingness to to go back.  Recruited by SIS, Natasha undergoes intensive training, but when an attempt is made on her life, it suggests the presence of a mole.

As events unfold in Russia, it also becomes clear that the mole is not the only problem; Natasha appears to have another agenda.

Babushka’s Children is the second book in the trilogy which commences with Vladimir’s Daughter and finishes with Natasha.