Vladimir’s Daughter

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John Ranger, a music teacher, returns home to find his ex partner, Madeleine, dead in the kitchen with her throat cut.  In the garden is the body of a man shot in the head.  Detained by the police, suspected of a double murder he is unexpected released into the custody of Rupert Balls, an enigmatic SIS agent.  Rupert takes Ranger to meet his boss Simon Sparrowhawk who appears keen to recruit him.

When Ranger learns that Madeleine, an only child, is in fact Anna who was Russian not Scottish and that the man in his garden is Sergei her brother and an FSB agent, he realises the charade that he was living for ten years.  With nothing to lose, Ranger accepts Sparrowhawk’s proposition and naively enters a world full of lies, deceit and corruption.

Vladimir’s Daughter is the first book in the trilogy which concludes with Babushka’s Children and Natasha.

Michael Oldham

landscape architect, architect, artist, jeweller, writer and …..